November 4, 2016


griggs-recording-2DTM is my own purpose built facility located in a converted stable believed to date back to the late 18th century. It’s also where I record and produce most of my output these days, which includes commercial tracks for general release, production music destined for the media and remote session work for clients around the world.

The studio has a great vibe and, although quite bijou, it houses a wide range of equipment, both vintage and modern. All recording and production work undertaken, including mastering. DTM is ideal for solo performers, duos or small ensembles (although I have had full-blown rock bands in – a bit of a squeeze though…).

My own role can be anything from the guy who opens up for you and lets you do the rest, to being fully involved in taking your original sketched idea through to a release quality production. Whatever your requirements, the rate is the same (£25/hr or £150 for an 8 hour session).

Please get in touch for further information, to discuss your project or to book a session.

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“Just wanted to say thanks again for today. I’ve come away with exactly what I was after.” – Andrew Stevenson, songwriter.